Sunday, 25 November 2012

2012- retrospective

Nowadays people ask me how i'm doing- with my work, with my family, my friends, my boyfriend etc,

it's hard to say because somehow if last year (2011) was a year of opportunity, 2012, this year, was a year of adapting to the position of having accepted the opportunity and getting used to them. Of course there were more challenges and also rewards/recognition, especially in terms of work this year, and in some aspect, milestones achieved, but i would say this year is the real year of change.

With work there have been some times in which i questioned myself and asked if the changes/opportunities were worth it, if the past had been better and if looking forward, this is the right way to proceed on. But as with all things in life, my belief is that nothing comes easy and if you want to excel/succeed, you need to work to earn it.

Relationship-wise i would have to say this year was year in which we were 'waiting for the dust to settle'.
Not having been a real relationship ever before, it was the first time for both of us and things weren't easy. But past the first year, looking back now, it feels that we're much more comfortable with each other and also ourselves and for myself, who i want to become.

And i guess if i had to sum up my relationship with my boyfriend in 3 words, i would say

I am (very) happy.

Ops, that was four. but you get the point ;)

How was 2012 for you? Barely a month's left...

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